Trending in Seoul: Bright Blazers and Boots!

Bright blazers and boots, along with every other kind of coordination, are the biggest things among the pure Korean trendy, linking up also with the vintage trend as well, on top of the recent (real, not fake) Doc Marten and other big, stompin’ boots trend. Interesting stuff.

IMG_4700 copy 3

A cute student in Shinchon.

IMG_4653 copy 3

IMG_3893 copy 3

Two young ladies coming back from a night of dancing in Hongdae.

IMG_1711 copy

A Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2011-12 attendee.

IMG_1732 copy

A colorful couple at SFW F/W 2011-12.

IMG_1793 copy

I really like her blazer.

IMG_1787 copy

IMG_1765 copy

A little on the cutesy side, but this is definitely trending!

IMG_1754 copy

Connecting up with the vintage thang.

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