Koreans Are Getting “Smart”

아니, 이런바 ‘교육열’을 얘기하는 거아니예요. 한국의 스트리트패션을 생각하면 사람들의 갖고 다니는 소중한 ‘스마트’ 기계들까지 생각해야 돼죠. 이 사진을 우연히 찍은 한 컷인데 웃긴 게 스마트한 전자재품을 모두다 동시에 쓰는 거예요. 한국은 정말 스마트 매니아이네.

No, we’re not here to take on the subject of “education fever.” We’re talking about another kind of “smart” obsession. The fashion of the Korean street includes a craze over “smart” devices. In one random street shot here, taken on Seoul’s main downtown strip of Jongno, three people in a row are busy plugging away on one, while the woman in the front hugs her iPad, even as she has already bought a Samsung Galaxy phone, which she holds in her hand.

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