Korea — Are You Ready for RED BULL?!

It’s official! Red Bull is coming to Korea! 미국의 대표적인 에너지 드링크가 한국에 들어오기로 했습니다! And we here at Yahae! are working with Red Bull to bring you the news first!

Well, the original electrically enervating elixir is coming to Korea to take up its rightful place as the energy drink of choice. And they’re bringing the cars, the cans, and looking for Red Bull models to roll out onto the streets of Seoul with! They want girls who are outgoing, healthy, and athletic. This isn’t your standard Korean-style, “racing girl” campaign, but one that prefers those with the Red Bull lifestyle — you’re a young lady who works and plays hard, is social and defaults to a smile, and you have a healthy constitution (and even a few bruises?!) from your bike, snowboarding, or boogie-boarding antics over the weekend.

To inquire about joining the Red Bull team, drop a line here.

Our magazine - Yahae! - is also looking for models for editorial and other spreads — if you want exposure as a model, also drop a line here.

As for the rest of us, get ready to get your wings! By the end of the summer, Da Bull is coming to town!

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