Real Korean Street Fashion: The Swagger Man

이 멋쟁이 신사를 신촌에서 만나게 됐는데 너무 샤프하게 입은 거다. 그리고 우리 카메라 앞에 들어가자마자 완전한 패션보델처럼 자신있게 포즈해주고 막 재밌게 찍힌 거네요. 이런 괜찮은 모델을 길거리에서 마나다니…와우!

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In Shinchon, we found a great impromptu model, a natural who wasn’t afraid to add a little swagger to the mix. The guy just looked like a fashion model, and certainly acted like one on camera. He had a great look that went well with the lively background of Shinchon, one of Seoul’s most active and trendy areas for the younger crowd. Pimpin!’

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