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올해는 “아시아 모델의 해’인가요? Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2011-12때 디자이너 지춘희의 쇼가 시작하기 전에 한국의 슈퍼모델들을 몇명을 찍었는데 모델 강소씨는 New York신문의 유명한 “The Cut”이란 패션 컬럼에서 특별히 나왔네요. 슬라드쇼를 보세요.

Is this the year of the Asian model? We were lucky enough to catch a few of Korea’s top models chilling out together before designer Gee Choon Hee’s show during Seoul Fashion Week F/W 2011-12. Of special note is model So Young Kang (she’s in the middle of the first picture and the last two runway shots), who is getting a lot of attention these days, and popped up most recently in the pages of New York newspaper’s “The Cut.” Go ahead and watch the slideshow here.