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Korea Heritage Fashion Show Preview

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The show was simply amazing. Flashy-but-classy, with the amazing Kyeongbok Palace as the main set piece, I’ve never seen a cooler-looking runway.

헤리티지패션쇼가 정말 멋있었고 아주 우아한 거예요. 배경이 경복궁이며 더 멋진 런웨이를 본 적이 없네요.

IMG_0993 copy

We’ll have some proper photo essays soon, in our next issue of Yahae! But for now, we just wanted to give you a couple samples, since the show was so beautiful. It really was a great production.

다음 이슈에서는 바른 포토에를 준비할께요. 그냥 어제는 얼마나 아름다웠는지 보여주고 싶은 거죠. 진짜 대박이었다.

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Wanna See a Kickass Korean Fashion Show?

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Come watch the Korea Heritage Fashion Show this Sunday with Yahae! Magazine!

We have 10 VIP spots (runway seats!) for the show reserved our special readers, as well as general (standing) spots to see the show. Anyone can list their name below in the comments to this post, and you’ll be on the list. As for the VIP seats, we’ve got something more special planned.

If you are a loyal reader and are living in Korea, we want to reward you for helping promote our magazine by giving you a VIP seat to the show. What do you have to do? Simply demonstrate that you’re spreading the word about us, whether it be through Facebook Likes to a link in your feed about us, retweets of and links to our Twitter feed, getting people to come to our Facebook page, or a blurb on your web site. After you’ve got your little campaign going, please drop us an email explaining and showing what you did, and we’ll select the 10 most-helpful readers to occupy our VIP seats. We’ll meet a little beforehand on Sunday (at 6PM) to meet and make sure you’re all set for the evening.

The show is free and open to the public, but the seats next to the runway are VIP-only. Come dress up, feel good, and see one of the most amazing runway/fashion/cultural events you’ll ever have the chance to see — a runway show on the grounds of Korea’s most famous and revered palace.

Remember — if you want to be on our general list, write your name in a comment below. If you want to try for a VIP spot, refer to the email address in the left menu bar and drop us a line showwing what you’ve done.

Either way, see you Yahae! peoples at 6PM (the show’s at 7PM) on Sunday!


Hilary Rhoda photographed by Ryan Yoon for Elle Korea October 2010


Hilary Rhoda photographed by Ryan Yoon for Elle Korea October 2010

Announcing the “Korea Heritage Fashion Show”


You have to see this show — it’s going to be one of the biggest fashion/culture productions Asia has ever seen. What are you doing on October 2 at 7 PM? Watching this show, right? Find out more!

10월2일 7시에 뭐하나요? 이 쇼를 꼭 봐야 돼요. 라주 큰 규모로 한국의 대표적인 top디자이너를 모이고 엄청 좋은 쇼를 기획중인데 올 거지? 쇼에 대해 좀 읽어봐!

Rumors About Lady Gaga Doing a Clothing Line With Her Little Sister Have Started


There are rumors that Gaga will start a clothing line with her little sis!

루머에 의하면 레이디 가가가 동생과 의류를 진출하려 한다는거!

Anne Hathaway Is Laced Up in McQueen


나만 그런건가?  아 난 이 뇨자 너무 이쁜거~~~

저런 레이스를 입었는데 몸매가 그냥 예술이네!!!

근데 여기서 눈여겨 봐야할 것은 신.발.!!! 이 갈색이 좋은 선택인가? 아니면 좀 더 옅은 색으로 골라서 드레스를 더 튀게 만들어야 했을까?  어떻게 생각해?

Is it just me, or is this woman just so FREAKEN HOT!?!?!

She can wear the lacy dress and look good!

But the key point here is the shoes.  Was brown a good choice?  Or should she have gone for lighter and softer shade to complement the dress?  What do you think?

The Prettiest Boy in the World


이건 여자? 남자? 이것이 바로 잴이쁜 남자 Andrej Pejic. 지금 잇 모델로 알려진, 여자와 남자 옷을 다 소화해내는 남자.  나자들이 다 이렇게 생기지 않아서 얼마나 다행인가. ㅜ.ㅜ

Is this a girl or a boy?  It is THE PRETTIEST BOY in the world, Andrej Pejic. He is THE MODEL, modelling both women’s and men’s.  I’m screwed if all boys look like this.

Andrej in Women’s

Andrej in Men’s 

샤넬의 5018 선글래스가 정말 재밌게 나오네. 
The Chanel 5018 sunglasses in an arresting picture.


샤넬의 5018 선글래스가 정말 재밌게 나오네. 

The Chanel 5018 sunglasses in an arresting picture.



Korean Street Fashion Runway: Pretty in White

우와. 뭐랄까? 이 사진을 왜 발표한지 알겠지? 머리부터 발톱까지 멋진데 — 하얀 꽃, 빈티지 하얀 원피스, Paul Frank노트북 케이스, 그녀의 룩 전체 다. 그냥 와우. 자연스러운 멋이다.

IMG_7259 copy

A young lady catches our eye in the Hongdae area. The flower, pearl bracelet, peace tattoo, white and frilly vintage dress, Paul Frank laptop case, and the fresh-as-spring look she has just…rocks. Really.

Real Korean Street Fashion: The Swagger Man

이 멋쟁이 신사를 신촌에서 만나게 됐는데 너무 샤프하게 입은 거다. 그리고 우리 카메라 앞에 들어가자마자 완전한 패션보델처럼 자신있게 포즈해주고 막 재밌게 찍힌 거네요. 이런 괜찮은 모델을 길거리에서 마나다니…와우!

IMG_6089 copy

In Shinchon, we found a great impromptu model, a natural who wasn’t afraid to add a little swagger to the mix. The guy just looked like a fashion model, and certainly acted like one on camera. He had a great look that went well with the lively background of Shinchon, one of Seoul’s most active and trendy areas for the younger crowd. Pimpin!’

IMG_6072 copy

부산의 믹스 패션인가? 하야튼 재밌어.
From Busan, a diamond-themed clutch bag and other mixing and matching.

부산의 믹스 패션인가? 하야튼 재밌어.

From Busan, a diamond-themed clutch bag and other mixing and matching.

A Korean Fashion Magazine That Isn’t Conservative?

보수적지 않고 정말 에찌한 한국패션매거진이 없다고요? 맞아. 근데 Yahae!가 이젠 왔다. 우리 친해지면 좋을 것같다. 왜냐하면 우리 매거진이 많이 커질 거야.

A Korean fashion magazine that isn’t conservative and boring? That would be Yahae! Stick with us. We’re going places.

Korean Fashion Online, All the Time!

Just a reminder that you’re reading Korea’s first independent online fashion magazine — Yahae! We are developing a lot of content and bringing on lots of people right now, so stick with us as we build ourselves into the clearing house for all the information on Korean fashion and lifestyle worth knowing about!

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A Hip, Happy Couple in Hongdae

IMG_6504 copy

이번에 홍대에서 이 멋쟁이 커플 만났는데 머리부터 발톱까지 완전히 멋지네요.

We caught this young, hip couple in Hongdae, home to Korea’s premiere arts university and divergently fashionable folks from all stripes of life.