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Wanna See a Kickass Korean Fashion Show?

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Come watch the Korea Heritage Fashion Show this Sunday with Yahae! Magazine!

We have 10 VIP spots (runway seats!) for the show reserved our special readers, as well as general (standing) spots to see the show. Anyone can list their name below in the comments to this post, and you’ll be on the list. As for the VIP seats, we’ve got something more special planned.

If you are a loyal reader and are living in Korea, we want to reward you for helping promote our magazine by giving you a VIP seat to the show. What do you have to do? Simply demonstrate that you’re spreading the word about us, whether it be through Facebook Likes to a link in your feed about us, retweets of and links to our Twitter feed, getting people to come to our Facebook page, or a blurb on your web site. After you’ve got your little campaign going, please drop us an email explaining and showing what you did, and we’ll select the 10 most-helpful readers to occupy our VIP seats. We’ll meet a little beforehand on Sunday (at 6PM) to meet and make sure you’re all set for the evening.

The show is free and open to the public, but the seats next to the runway are VIP-only. Come dress up, feel good, and see one of the most amazing runway/fashion/cultural events you’ll ever have the chance to see — a runway show on the grounds of Korea’s most famous and revered palace.

Remember — if you want to be on our general list, write your name in a comment below. If you want to try for a VIP spot, refer to the email address in the left menu bar and drop us a line showwing what you’ve done.

Either way, see you Yahae! peoples at 6PM (the show’s at 7PM) on Sunday!

Announcing the “Korea Heritage Fashion Show”


You have to see this show — it’s going to be one of the biggest fashion/culture productions Asia has ever seen. What are you doing on October 2 at 7 PM? Watching this show, right? Find out more!

10월2일 7시에 뭐하나요? 이 쇼를 꼭 봐야 돼요. 라주 큰 규모로 한국의 대표적인 top디자이너를 모이고 엄청 좋은 쇼를 기획중인데 올 거지? 쇼에 대해 좀 읽어봐!